UZima Filters

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Of Life 4 Life!

UZima … it means Life in Kiswahili … it is said that Water is life. UZima Filters was born out of a desire to provide clean water to the developing world. There seemed to be solutions for providing clean water but many fell short on one or more of out criteria for a system that we believed that the developing world needs and deserves. We were faced with some decisions … For-Profit or Not-For-Profit. We realized that it would be easy to raise a lot of capital as a For-Profit but making money is not our motivation … providing life is! We also wanted to provide a clean water solution for other non-profits, mission organizations, and NGO’s that work in the Clean Water sector and to give them ALL the tools that they would need to be successful in pre-distribution needs assessments, the distribution, and measuring the impact of their efforts.

We are always innovating and listening to our customer as our aim is to be the best solution possible. The UZima Filter has been designed for the real world with real developing world water issues. Our requirements in the development of the filter were:
💧Inexpensive - $30 wholesale each to qualified Not-For-Profits, Organizations, and Mission Organizations
💧Ease of use
💧High Flow Rate
💧Long Life Span - estimated 10 year life span (this depends completely on how well the filter is cared for)
💧Safe Water Storage
💧Trackable Data Collection (UZIS - UZima Information System)
💧Effectively Removes All Bacteria and Protozoa that Causes Water Borne Disease
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UZima Gives Back

First through our pricing structure. UZima will give Organizations/NGO’s etc. a 10% bonus of filters for every 100 filters purchased. That means when you purchase 100 filters you get 110, purchase 200 filters you get 220, etc. UNTIL you order 500, then you get 20% bonus filters (500 get you 600)

Secondly UZima will give back through grants. As UZima has excess operating funds, we will accept grant applications and will vet them to award funds to other Not-For-Profits.
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