The UZIS APP UZIS (UZima Information System) A reliable offline/online mobile data collection app that is designed to survey and report impact data on the UZima Filter in the field. UZIS records GPS Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates of the devise as long as the devise has an internet connection during the survey. Registered organizations/individuals/non-profits/NGO’s will have access to their Raw Data and Interpreted Data results along with numbers, maps, and graphs. -OFFLINE- UZIS does not need an internet connection while you collect data. Securely store the results on the devise and sync when you have an internet connection. -ALL DEVICE TYPES- UZIS has been optimized to work on Apple Devices (iPad and iPhones and iPod Touch) and Android Devices. -AUTOMATIC UPLOAD- UZIS can automatically upload survey results when your device has an internet connection. Alternatively, you can upload results manually at your convenience.
IMPORTANT Instructions for Downloading, Authenticating, and Using the UZIS APP If you are not an organization utilizing the UZIS, you may be rejected from receiving a valid User Name and Password.

  1. Download the App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store Buttons (see links below)

  1. Click here to request a User Name and Password from the UZIS Administrator for your devise

  1. When you receive a return email with your User Name, start up your app on your device and select “Device” at the bottom of the screen. Here you will enter your User Name and Password and click on Authenticate Device

  1. Once you have completed #3 above, our administrators will verify the type of devise and will add the survey to your device. You will receive an email when your UZIS Field Survey is active.

  1. Return to your device and open your UZIS App and select “Download Survey”. The survey will reside on your phone and will be able to be used at this point.