UZIS (UZima Information System) is new and improved. Our goal is to provide the organization with an easy platform the collect relevant data surrounding the provision of clean water to the developing world.

Collecting data in the field has been made even easier with the use of the UZIS App (both Apple and Android compatible) and a manual "Bubble Sheet" paper survey. The results from both platforms sync together to create your organization's database.

Data can be collected to create a baseline point of reference and scope of impact potential and a delta change data to measure the impact over time.

We do the analysis for you from interpretation to reporting on key data points (data pool demographics, population sizes, baseline measurements of water sources, money spent of water, water storage, water borne disease rates, money spent on treatment of WBD, etc. We supply your results and make available to each organization the raw data and interpreted data. Custom analysis is available on an as needed basis.