Sustainable Development = Sustained Use

All-in-all, UZima's goal is for households to use the filter on a sustained basis. If we have the best filter in the world but people don't use it, the filter does not meet the intended goals. In order for a household to continue using their filter, the maintenance and use cannot significantly interfere with their daily household tasks. Additionally the amount of water produced on a daily basis has to meet or exceed the household's daily needs for clean water.

UZima excels in both of these areas:
  • Maintenance of the UZima Filter is as simple as back flushing with clean water as often as needed depending on the turbidity of the water being filtered.
  • The UZima Filter has the ability to greatly exceed the typical need of 7 liters per person per day. (With a 1L/minute average flow rate with non-turbid water it produce enough filtered water in less than 10 minutes - thus not impacting the daily routines of the users greatly.
  • The UZima Filter is made of High Impact ABS plastic while the connector is made of almost indestructible polycarbonate plastic. The filter cleaner syringe is also made of a long lasting plastic to create a system that is durable in some of the harshest conditions.
  • The UZima Filter is very light weight and portable if the family is needing to re-locate the filter within the home.