The UZ1 Filter Kit
Each Box of UZ1 Filters contains everything you need for a successful deployment in the field except for the buckets.
You supply the buckets and we will supply the drill bits!
Each box contains 10 filters and bucket connectors.
11 Filter Cleaner syringes
11 Clean Water Taps
11 Bucket Instructional Stickers and Hygiene Instructional Brochures
15 UZIS Bubble Sheets for deployment and Post Surveys
The UZ1 Clear Demonstration Kit
Nothing shows the power of the UZima Filter in the field better than to "clearly" show an audience contaminated water being filtered and "clearly" showing the transformation.
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The UZ2 Filter Backpack System
The UZ2 Backpack Kit utilizes the same UZ1 UZima Filter but is fixed to a 20L vinyl backpack. The Dirty Water Pack is fitted with a shutoff valve to allow the filter flow to be shut off as well as for convenient cleaning. The Clean Water Pack is fitted with a clean water tap for better access to filtered water. All of the components for the kit (except for the backpacks) are the same as the UZ1 kit thus could be utilized both on the backpack and bucket systems.
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