How the UZima Filter Works -
The Microscopic View

Proprietary Hollow Fiber Membrane technologies utilized in UZima Filters create high flow rates while remaining durable and long lasting. Contaminated water surrounds the outside of the membrane allowing clean water to pass through the membrane and exits through the center of the membrane to the user. The bacteria, cysts, amoebas, etc that are larger than 0.1 micron in size will remain on the outside of the membrane while clean water enters the HFM and exits out the end. Back flushing reverses this process to clean the membrane for continued use.
How the UZima Filter Works -
The Clear View

UZima believes in making the greatest impact to the world as possible. We also believe that "seeing is believing". It is hard sometimes to convince societies that their water is what is making them sick. So we provide a Clear Demonstration Unit that "shows clearly" what is happening with the filter. People from all walks of life are amazed at the transformation from dirty-to-clean.
How the UZima Filter Works -
The Bucket View

Even though the UZima Filter can be utilized in many configurations, the traditional configuration is a gravity fed 2-bucket set up. As you can see in the Clear Demonstration Kit where the filter is and what is happening inside the buckets, here it is underwhelming to see water being made clean but the results are remain the same … Clean Water changes everything!